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EFT offers free walking tours in English by our certified volunteer guides on the second Sundays every month. Kawagoe has many attractions, so it can be difficult to choose what to see, especially if you are only visiting for 1 day!
To help you get started, these are some recommendations to help you explore Kawagoe!

  • Schedule: Second Sunday of every month(10:30AM-3:30PM)
  • Guide fee:Free of charge
  • Tour time: About 30 min.
  • Reservation:Not required
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Guided tour



History of Kurazukuri Old Town

If you are interested in history & the beautiful Kurazukuri-style architecture, please join this tour! We will explain the unique history & the reasons for the traditional buildings on this street.


Highlights of Kurazukuri Old Town

If you are interested in the main features of Kurazukuri Old Town and Kawagoe’s symbol, Time Bell Tower, please join this tour! We will highlight what's in Kurazukuri Old Town. You will learn the history of Old Town and the significance of Time Bell Tower.



Find the Best Souvenirs or Food!

If you are looking for the best souvenirs from KAWAGOE and you enjoy gourmet food, please join this tour! We will introduce you unique souvenirs, traditional items, and local food you can only find in Kurazukuri Old Town. You can get our original maps of recommendable restaurants and souvenir shops in the area.

EFT staff

Join our guided tour

  • Schedule: the second Sunday of every month[10:30AM-3:30PM]
  • Guide fee: Free of charge
  • Tour time: About 30 min.
  • Meeting points: Kajimachi square and Kawagoe Festival Museum
  • Reservation: Not required


EFT staff
EFT staff


EFT started its activities in 2013 and has been supporting festivals and events in Kawagoe with our English-speaking volunteers.
We set up information at nearby stations and inside venues of each event to welcome foreign guests with a smile! EFT is sharing the local appeal of KAWAGOE, as an international tourist city, with the world!



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EFT Kawagoe Guide is providing walking guide tours in Kawagoe, traditional Japan.